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I’m Bobby, Sami The Westie’s dad, I’m the one with more facial hair in the photo below! Of course, Sami is the small one, in the middle and Miruna is his mom, creating great videos for Sami’s Youtube channel 🙂

We love Sami and we love being dog parents, so this is why we started Westie Vibes’ Daily Dog Parent, an email newsletter with dog parent tips, videos, quotes (you can sign up above!)

I know you’re here because you love your dog (or dogs, for the luckiest ones of us) and you would probably love to start some of your days remembering how important dogs are in our lives.

Twice or three times a week we’ll be sending you an email with something uplifting or interesting about dogs to start your day.

It may be some tips on food, an interesting quote, an uplifting video or some curiosity I just found out.

Did you know?

Dogs have a unique ability to understand human emotions and respond accordingly, known as “emotional contagion”.

Now you know! 🙂